2018-06-12. Nordic Water Utility Associations and Nordic Plastic Pipe Association in meeting over the future of Nordic Poly Mark.

Participants at the meeting of the future of the Nordic Poly Mark. From left Leslie Markussen from Borealis, Ulf Thysell from Svenskt Vatten, Carl-Emil Larsen from Danva, Pontus Alm from Nordic Plastic Pipe Association, Sebastian Bondestam from Uponor, Toril Hofshagen from Norsk Vann, Ariana Hauge from Inovyn, Per Dollerup Mikkelsen from Wavin, Kjell Larsen from Pipelife and Osmo Seppälä from VVY.

Throughout the last year there was among the Nordic Water Utility Associations discussions and concerns about the future co-operation within the Nordic Poly Mark (NPM).

After an invitation from the Nordic Plastic Pipe Association, a meeting regarding the future for Nordic Poly Mark as a joint interest was held in June 12 in Oslo.

We had a good meeting and we have a shared vision of a strong NPM for both the user organizations and the market, that secures that we can guarantee the quality for the Nordic market.

We have agreed on a structure for the future work and will use the summer to work out the details for a new start in October.

Most important there will be a board for NPM with 4 members each from the Nordic Water Utility Associations (chair) and Nordic Plastic Pipe Association (secretary).


Teppfa is an association for the European plastic pipe industry.

Members of Teppfa are:

  • Large European plastic pipe manufacturers.
  • National plastic pipe associations in Europe.

Teppfa provides information on plastic pipes on their website, http://www.teppfa.com/.

NPG is a member of and cooperates with Teppfa.

NPG Nordic

Members of NPG are companies which manufacture plastic pipes or raw material for production of plastic pipes in  at least one nordic country, and trade organisations for plastic pipe manufacturers in the nordic countries.

Member companies of NPG Nordic

  • Borealis
  • Inovyn
  • Pipelife
  • Uponor
  • Wavin
  • NPG Norge

NPG cooperates with TEPPFA, The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association.

NPG is the founder of the Nordic certification scheme for plastic pipes, Nordic Poly Mark.

The Nordic Quality Mark for plastic pipes

By specifying Nordic Poly Mark or a corresponding requirement level it is assured that:

  • The products will have a quality level which corresponds to what earlier have been used in the Nordic countries.
  • The manufacturer is checking his production on a regular basis and keeping records of his internal testing.
  • An independent testing institute will suport the testing personel by the manufacturer and perform audit testing at random once a year.

In January 2012 the Insta-Cert member companies have issued more than 200 Nordic Poly Mark licenses to manufacturers from more than XX countries.

Further information is presented at: www.nordicpolymark.com. and www.insta-cert.net.